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A Successful venture by N & A Group, started in 10 February 2010 N & A Ready Mix , With an unrevealed history of product development, reliability and technical expertise our products are specially designed for a wide range of applications. N & A Ready Mix provides high quality concrete solutions with a comprehensive range of standard, premium, high performance and decorative concrete. We supply aggregates covering the most commonly used stone and rock in addition to a wide variety of standard and specialty sands.

N & A Ready Mix operates 3 ready-mix concrete batching plants in Colombo with installed capacities of 40m3/hr, 20m3/hr and 15m3/hr respectively.

N & A Ready Mix is directly responsible for maintaining positive customer relations, supervising and coordinating activities of workers engaged in the manufacturing of concrete products, testing of concrete products, delivery of ready mix concrete to the site, and merchandise, and the safety of all employees under N & A supervision.

Cement Storage Capacity

N & A ready mix is equipped with three cement silos of 360 (100ton – 1 silo / 35ton – 2silo). and ensures continuous delivery to the clients during any cement shortage in the market.

N & A Ready Mix Concrete is to continuously strives to skillfully produce and deliver superior quality concrete, driven from the finest aggregates on a timely basis and following the highest international standards and best practices.

Our high performance concrete mixes are designed to make all operations at site easier with maintaining high quality level and  economic cost, supported by ACI certified staff.

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